Vestre Jakobselv Camping

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Gemoedelijke camping in een bosrijke omgeving niet ver van Mortensnes met de hoge Graksestein, het Vardøfort en het Vadsømuseum over de Finse cultuur.

The camping pitches are surrounded by trees on 2 lawns. There is a friendly atmosphere from this campsite. Nice starting point to explore the area including Mertensnes: with the 2.5km. high "Graksestein" from the iron age, there is a beautiful hiking route. Vadsø: an interesting museum about Finnish culture. Vardø Fort (1734) and museum, via the E75 and continue towards Hamningberg (the deserted fishing village). You will see 35 km long moon landscape on the left and the Barents Sea on the right. You will also find traces of movements in the earth's crust.

Vestre Jakobselv Camping
Lilledalsveien 6 9802 Vestre Jakobselv Norway
Telefon number
N70 7' 9" E29 19' 5"
N70.11940 E29.31810"

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