Tveiten Camping

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De camping heeft mooie accommodaties en eenvoudig, schoon sanitair, de natuur- en cultuurliefhebber is hier op zijn plaats.

This simple little campsite is located about 900 meters from RV 9 and is 360 meters high, but is easily accessible by caravan. The accommodations are good and clean. A museum -Tveitetunet- is nearby and accessible from the campsite. From the campsite and in the surroundings are beautiful walks and a trip to a beautiful waterfall, the Gloppefoss. The walk to this waterfall takes about two hours and is easy to do with the whole family. Simple, clean bathroom.

Tveiten Camping
RV 9 4747 Valle Norway
Telefon number
N59 11' 27" E7 31' 39"
N59.19110 E7.52769"

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