Dolina Trzech Stawów nr. 215

This neat campsite in the south of Poland is located on the southeastern side of the industrial town Katowice close to a lake. The campsite has good sanitary facilities and has ample play and sports facilities for children. From this campsite it is good to visit Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz, the most notorious concentration camp from the Second World War. The concentration camp is now a museum. It consists of two parts, Auschwitz I and II, about 2 km away from each other. Those who are interested in the history of the Second World War will certainly want to see this. What one sees there is shocking for almost everyone.

Dolina Trzech Stawów nr. 215
Ul. Murckowska 6 40-266 Katowice Poland
Telefon number
N50 14' 35" E19 2' 54"
N50.24330 E19.04840"

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